Wrike Permission Design Issues

Default Permission Role Should have the ability to set the default permission level for a project.  It’s okay to default to the current standards.  However, the project lead (i.e. the PM) should be able to modify the default permission level. Editor Role Issues Excessive Permissions Create Folders and Projects Rename Folders and Projects Create Custom […]

PlantUml Test

This is a test of blogging about a subject and embedding PlantUML diagrams. As per the diagram below: Backend Design This is the overview of our back end in text form. See image below for: Import Proces Some description: comment 1 comment 2

Why is my WordPress site being blocked by McAfee?

If your site is being blocked by a Virus Scanner via it’s web filtering rules then try the following: If your site was created recently, less than 5 days ago, then just wait. It’s possible details like DNS Servers, or others, for your domain haven’t been propagated yet. McAfee uses these details, among others, to […]