Wrike Permission Design Issues

Default Permission Role

Should have the ability to set the default permission level for a project.  It’s okay to default to the current standards.  However, the project lead (i.e. the PM) should be able to modify the default permission level.

Editor Role Issues

Excessive Permissions

  • Create Folders and Projects
  • Rename Folders and Projects
  • Create Custom Fields in a Folder or Project
  • Edit Custom Fields
  • Duplicate Folders and Projects
  • Change a Folder or Project Workflow

These permissions have powerful effects on a project hierarchy and should be restricted to the Full Access role only.  The Full and Editor access roles have very little to differentiate them, making the Editor role of virtually useless.

Missing Permissions

  • Add or change tags and parent tasks
  • Ability to Delete Tasks

Limited Role Issues

The Limited role should be converted to a ‘Viewer’ only role, or a ‘Viewer’ only role should be introduced.  Preferrably the ‘Viewer’ could view every aspect of a project but without the ability to make changes.